The Secret for a Happier Life

July 18, 2017 8:30 am

Hi #DolceFamily! How are you?

Today I want to get a little deeper. Just as there are foods to nourish the body also exist for the soul and the mind.  This are ways of nourish ourself  to have a more harmonious and happy life. I want to talk about one of them: gratitude.

Did you know that a practice of daily gratitude can decrease depression? It is also proven that it can reduce symptoms of some diseases and helps to see life from a more optimistic perspective.

How do we include gratitude in our lives?

It is not a matter of thanking everyone who does something for us, although this is also perfect, the practice of gratitude is to thank life for everything it gives us. Many times we take for granted what we have and we are not aware of how important these things can be. We are alive, healthy, have family, friends, legs, hands, eyes, roof, food and the list is very long. We are so accustomed to having all this that we stop appreciating it and we always ask for more.

Ph. Soy Adri E

So… How do we include it? Every day before going to bed or when you wake up, write in a notebook 3 things you are thankful for with life. I recommend you have an exclusive notebook for this practice.

Ph. Gorsh

TIP:  If you have a bad day it is very useful to read your notebook of gratitude and remember all the good things that life gives you. I hope this is useful for you! To continue learning about these practices and about healthy food, follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Have a happy day! <3

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