The Hottest Seoul Fashion Week Street Style Trends

November 10, 2017 7:47 am

Photo by Oskar Krawczyk on Unsplash

Seoul, South Asia – the fashion capital of the eastern world. Not only did this place popularize K-Pop, it has also brought so many crazy and unique fashion styles into the world of fashion. There are many styles of fashion in Seoul, among which the Idol style (inspired by Korean idols), Ulzzang fashion (inspired by the beauty of the face and thus emphasizing the face) and the Keo-Peul-Look (couples with matching outfits) are the most popular. Let’s take a look at what connects all of these and what the trends in this fashion Mecca are:

1. Color Wheels

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An explosion of colours, yes! However, putting many colours on yourself might be a bit wrong, even for Seoul. The new trend in this fashion town is combining colours that have the same base (if you can’t tell which is the base of a colour, consult a colour wheel). For example, it is very trendy to wear navy blue and purple since the base colour is blue. Also, wearing yellow and red, or red and orange can go well together because the thread that connects them is the yellow base. Focus only on these two colours and you’re good to go.

2. Tight vs Loose

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Something that is quite popular in the rest of the world as well and one of the most important fashion trends in the Ulzzang style is the combination of tight and loose clothes. If you pair an oversized sweater with skinny jeans, it looks very cool. Also, pairing loose pants with a tight crop top is also regarded a fashion hit. Seoul goes to the extreme when it comes to this trend – matching loose and wide boots or sneakers with a skinny shirt and top, a dress, or jeans and a tee is also very popular.

3. Mismatched outfits

Wearing outfits that normally don’t look well together is a complete hit in Seoul. Let’s say you want to wear a printed T-shirt and an elegant office blazer. If you thought it was impossible, you were wrong because in Seoul, this is one of the most important elements among the fans of the Idol style. Also, it is totally possible to encounter a young man dressed as a very important CEO wearing Vans sneakers on his feet and a skateboard under his outfit.

4. Shoes

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As far as footwear is concerned, sports shoes and sneakers are the most popular in Seoul, especially combined with formal clothes. Moreover, combining clothes with the classic leather Birkenstock shoes and cool flip flops is also something that a lot of people from Asia tend to do. However, the most bizarre and big fashion trend are guys wearing high heels, which is a total hit in Seoul!

5. Hip Hop

If you want to rock hip-hop fashion in Seoul, there are a couple of things you need to know: glitter and gold are always in, you have to have tattoos all over your body, and you need to buy a lot of sneakers. A big part of hip-hop is dancing, so having good sports shoes is quite important. If you want to go all the way, owning harem pants (that are loose on the top and skinny around the ankles) is a must.

6. Androgynous Style

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Very much connected to the previously mentioned trend of guys wearing high-heeled shoes, girls are also starting to wear male clothes more and more. This is the most prominent segment of the Keo-Peul-Look style of Seoul fashion, which encourages couples to wear matching outfits. So, sometimes, it’s only logical that a Korean man will wear girly clothes, if they are matched with the outfit of his girlfriend, and vice versa. And we’re talking about how we make compromises in a relationship?!

This fashion is, evidently, totally different from the fashion that is known to us. It takes courage and pride to achieve this and be a fashion guru in Seoul. So, any time we think that something is not matching, we should take a look at the Seoul scene – perhaps it is, and perhaps it looks excellent.

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