Summer Beauty Trends

August 27, 2020 5:38 am

Even though this year has
undoubtedly been quite different to what we were used to, that
doesn’t mean that summer is canceled and all hope is lost. In fact,
this season has turned out to be the ideal time to experiment with
different looks at home, without having to deal with the constant
outdoor heat and sweat, and find out what looks suit us the best. To
that end, here are some of the biggest beauty trends of this summer
that are worth trying out once you do step outside:

A beautiful sun-kissed glow

Glowing, radiant skin is always on
trend, especially during the summer months. It allows us to achieve
that ‘just got back from a vacation’ look, even though we spent
most of the season glued to our desk. To get this desirable look,
start by applying a very lightweight, dewy base that will simply even
out your skin tone, without being too heavy and covering up the
natural skin texture, and then go in with a touch of concealer, if

Then, apply a light layer of warm, shimmering bronzer on those areas where the sun would naturally hit your face, like the forehead, cheeks and nose, for the perfect healthy summer glow. You can also apply the same bronzer on your eyelids for a gorgeous monochromatic look.

woman wearing sun hat, red crop top, and blue jeans
Photo by Jose Martinez on Unsplash

Simple graphic eyeliner

The music video for Lady Gaga and
Ariana Grande’s collaboration has clearly had a major influence on
today’s beauty trends; clean
and simple graphic eyeliner
has been seen all over social media
lately. Whether you opt for an extended cat eye in white, or even a
negative space in black or a bolder color, such daring graphic
eyeliner is bound to make an impact.

No matter which look you go for, just make sure to use either a fine-tip liquid eyeliner or a gel liner with a thin and precise brush. These beauty blogger makeup techniques and essentials will allow you to get a clean and smooth line, without any smudges or unnecessary mistakes. If you do mess up though, don’t worry. A Q-tip dipped in makeup remover will solve all your problems. Bingo games are the fastest growing games online.

Long and voluminous hair

Long, flowing hair with a slight
natural wave seems to be the defining look of every summer, and this
season is no different. Many women have decided to utilize the
lockdown to allow their hair to grow out properly, giving them a
long, thick and sexy style for the summer.

However, not everyone’s lucky enough to achieve this look naturally. If you weren’t blessed with a full head of hair, it might be a good idea to opt for silky and seamless clip in hair extensions that beautifully blend in with your natural strands, and give you enough length and volume to achieve this summer’s biggest hair trend.

Luscious natural curls

On the other end of the spectrum,
curly, coily and kinky girls have also decided to use the quarantine
period to let their hair grow out without worrying about unnecessary
damage. For that reason, natural hair has become one of the biggest
trends this season.

What’s more, curly women have
finally decided to embrace the summer humidity and let it work in
their favor by adding some bouncy volume to their natural texture. As
long as your hair gets proper moisture with deep conditioning, and
nice definition with a great
curl cream
, you can easily let your natural coils shine this
summer, despite the unfavorable weather.

A hint of a subtle tan

woman standing on white yacht
Photo by Zoran Zonde Stojanovski on Unsplash

The fact that we were forced to stay
indoors for several months also means we probably ended up with an
unusually pale complexion when summer began. This could explain why
so many women decided on a self-tanner
at home
, making it one of the biggest beauty trends of the

But keep in mind that the trick is
not to go overboard. Instead, opt for a subtle, gradual tanner that
will add just a slight tint each time you apply it. That way, you can
easily control your shade, while achieving that glowing, healthy
complexion we all strive for during the summer.

While this year’s situation has
definitely taken us by surprise, it seems like our beauty game is as
strong as ever, with these wonderful seasonal trends heavily focused
on natural beauty and that easy-going summer vibe.

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