Simple Ways to Make Someone’s Birthday a Bit More Special

May 3, 2022 3:04 am

A birthday should be all about that special person, celebrating the joy of their existence and the warmth and happiness they bring to our lives. But when it comes to the people we don’t know very well, or even those particularly close to us we’ve celebrated countless birthdays with, it can be quite easy to run out of ideas. Sometimes the simplest solutions truly are the best, and here are some small ways you can easily make someone’s birthday that bit more special:

Curate a playlist

Mixtapes used to be a big thing a few decades ago, being a great way to show care and appreciation to someone you love. Why not bring them back with modern technology? Choose a music streaming service the person uses the most and make them a birthday playlist they will love. Go for birthday classics, choose mellow songs if it’s a relaxing day, opt for party hits if they’ve planned a celebration, or simply create a mix of their favorite songs and genres. In any case, curating a playlist is a free and easy way to make someone feel special and valued on their birthday.

Put a candle in it


Birthday cakes are a classic birthday essential. However, they can often cost too much, be inappropriate in certain situations, or you simply might not know whether a person already has one or two birthday cakes made. In those cases, any dessert will do. Place a few birthday candles in cupcakes, some brownies, a piece of cheesecake, or any other sweet treat the person might like. This can be quite a cute way to make a birthday celebration more unique. If the person prefers savory treats, however, you can even place candles in a savory pie or some pastry as a funny alternative.

Send them a card

Birthday cards always make for a sweet and thoughtful gift, especially if they’re inscribed with a lovely little note or a personal message. This is a particularly good option when planning a birthday celebration for colleagues, managers, and other people in the workplace. In those instances, buying bulk birthday cards with a beautiful design is truly the ideal solution. As long as everyone signs their card with a short message and some kind words, it will make for a nice and considerate gift that’s bound to make someone’s birthday a bit more special.

Create a care box

A customized birthday box is another great idea for making someone’s special day more memorable. You can fill a box with traditional party items like balloons and confetti, make a care package filled with the person’s favorite drinks and snacks, choose some fun board and card games, opt for relaxing items like scented candles and bath bombs, or stuff the box with any other items you know the person will enjoy. No matter what you choose, a custom gift box always makes for a more personal and thoughtful present that can instantly brighten up anyone’s birthday.

Try to treat them

If you know the person’s favorite bar, coffee shop, or restaurant, buying a gift card can always be a wonderful solution. The same goes for their favorite stores, online retailers, and subscription services. But if you want to go a step further and truly spoil them, buying a voucher for a relaxing massage session or a pampering spa treatment that they’d never pay for themselves is the way to go. This is truly a brilliant present that just keeps on giving, and can easily be bought even for those who don’t necessarily live that close to you.

A birthday can be made special in endless ways. The tips mentioned above are just some of the many simple methods you could use for making the people in your life feel loved and appreciated on this important day.

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