Seoul Street Style

July 3, 2018 6:00 pm

Ph. Harpers Bazaar

It’s no secret that when it comes to beauty and skincare the Korean girls are light years ahead of us, which is precisely why people from the West use every chance they get to snag some of their youth-restoring goodness. Aside from apparently discovering elixirs of youth, the people of South Korea, and more specifically Seoul, are so fashion-forward that the word ‘forward’ barely covers it. We definitely have some major catching up to do, but these looks aren’t for those who like to play it safe. Seoul is all about outrageous but killer looks, the kind you would think no one in the world could put together, let alone pull off. But then, you see it on them, and somehow, they’ve made the impossible totally rockable. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so consider this as a kind of a ‘show and tell’ and see for yourself just how incredibly innovative and bold these looks are.

What, how, what?


Unquestionably, one of the most intriguing looks we’ve spotted during the spring fashion week is one that is actually difficult to describe. There is this girl who is wearing – first of all, a pair of gradually faded jeans, but this is where things get confusing. Chunky shoes aside, as well as the black turtleneck, but is that an oversized blazer with just the upper part of dungarees over it? Is it a kind of vest? Is that a tin can or a designer novelty bag? Our best guess is that this particular fashionista cut out this part of dungarees herself and turned it into a kind of top. Perhaps the north isn’t ready – or as Rachel (Friends) once said ‘USA not ready’ for looks that are this extra, but the fact that you can create and not just follow a trend is highly appealing.

Athleisure taken to new heights


Ok, so we’re familiar with the athleisure trend, right? Well, technically, it has now officially become a lifestyle rather than a fashion fad, and why wouldn’t it when all that the world has been craving for a long time is that perfect mixture of chic and comfortable. Now, you’ve probably rocked a couple of safe looks over the course of the last year, but have you ever worn a red tracksuit, white sneakers and white bag and then placed a chic black blazer on top of all that? It may seem a little nutty to wear both a tracksuit top and a blazer, but as you can see, it actually looks pretty awesome. You definitely need to try this. Perhaps, instead of the wide bottoms, you can give leggings a try for a more sizzling supermodel look. There are great leggings to be found almost everywhere, but we’re madly in love with the ones coming from the incredible Mint Athletic athletic wear line because they’re the perfect mixture of sporty and sexy.

Oh, millennials


We may not be completely up to date with what the Koreans are wearing, but they’ve certainly noticed that millennial pink has been getting a lot of love, so they took it and upped the ante. We dare you to rock a pair of side-striped millennial pink track pants, a hooded spring/summer parka in the same color, and then show some love to your favorite brand by flaunting a backpack with its logo splashed all across it. Finally, lift up the pants in order to let the world see your white sports socks as well and highlight your checkered Vans sneakers. It takes a lot of attitude to pull this look off, and not just at any place, but in the midst of Fashion Week.

This takes the cake


We’ve seen a lot of things, but this is just too much, and yet it looks incredibly adorable and actually ingeniously well put-together. A white embroidered shirt is just the beginning, because then comes a layered white and mid-calf blue gingham skirt. As if that weren’t enough, a white corset belt is added to the mix, and then topped off with a black and blue parka with enormous polka dots. Somehow, this girl has managed to rock all this, plus yellow embroidered ankle boots, a matching beret, and a white bag with a girly blue ribbon. All you have to do is visit us at OnlineCasino. It sounds almost insane when described, but it looks absolutely stunning and we want to copy this look, we really do! We have all the ingredients available to us, we just need to piece them together.  

As simple as it gets


The simplest most ‘northern-fashion-adjacent’ look we’ve spotted is the one featuring grey plaid, but even this one isn’t as simple as you would think. In order to rock this look (or one of the four), you’ll need a double-breasted grey blazer, a layered and then pleated mini skirt in the same print, and if you’re bold enough, a see-through fishnet top and a black bra. Hoop earrings are optional but desired, as well as a perfect eyeliner wing to match the fierceness of the outfit. We’ve done great things with plaid, but it seems it’s high time we took a cue from Seoul and try even harder.

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