Secrets for a Healthy Eating

November 7, 2017 3:32 am

Hello! How are you?

After spending a month in Lima on vacations, living in my mother’s house with all the temptations, having a thousand plans away from home and going out to eat with my friends, I gained a little weight. So now is time to go back to my healthy lifestyle and put into practice three tips that help.

  1. Only Healthy Things at Home
    In my mother’s house there are always cheeses, sweets, sodas, etc. Going to the kitchen to explore what to eat is an adventure that I enjoy very much. In my house we buy the food for the menu of the week and some other things that we enjoy eating like almond butter or avocado. If you have temptations in your house, you will eat them at some point. I recommend that you only buy foods that are part of a healthy diet.

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2. Snacks With You

It is a good idea to have healthy snacks with you,  maybe in you office drawer or in your car for that hungry moment. Many times what we do is go to some shop and there are so many tempting options that most of the time we buy something we should not. Having a snack with you, prevents you from having temptations in stores and ensures you eat healthy. A snack can be a fruit, handful of nuts, sticks of vegetables with hummus or even a sandwich.

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3. 5 Meals a Day

There are studies that recommend to eat 5 times a day to lose weight, others say that it is better to let the body rest. Actually each body is different, there are people who need to eat more times in the day small amounts and other only 3 times large dishes. The important thing about this besides regulating blood sugar, is not getting to main courses very hungry, as you end up eating more than your body needs. If you are one of those people that are starving before lunch or dinner, include a mid morning or mid afternoon so you don’t overeat.


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I hope these is useful to you too. For more ideas on food and healthy living follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


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