Positive Thinking

January 9, 2018 9:17 pm

If you guys knew how many times I’ve felt that EVERYTHING turns out wrong and that there is no chance of it being solved. When you feel cornered and that all you can do is accept your fate and just give up. ¿You want to know what I do when that happens? Breathe deeply and get rid of all negative thoughts. Then I just set my mind, repeating that “everything will be fine”, once I am convinced of it, it will happen. Call it faith, “positive thinking” or whatever you choose to call it, but it ALWAYS work. If you feel you are in a very low and dark place, just give it a shot #WhatDoYouHaveToLose. A negative attitude will not help you, remember “+ + += +”.

Ph. Santiago García Arrué

Trousers H&M

Have you ever felt like that? LEt me know. If you guys knew how many times I went through those low points while studying my career or at school. Remember that you truly fail when you give up, not before that. Kisses, my loves.


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