Parmesan Chips

April 22, 2017 7:33 am

Hello Dolche family! Today I bring a super easy and super yummy recipe. If you’ve seen my blog in the past, you must hace realized that I have a love affair with cheese. One of my favourites is parmesan cheese and so today I’m sharing an incredible SIMPLE recipe to make parmesan chips. You can eat them on their own (YUM!) or they can also pair nicely with pâtés. I would say though that it doesn’t go nicely as a toast for other cheese; it’s a bit weird.

Portions: 15-20 chips


– 160g de parmesan cheese (check specifications in the procedure)
– 1 tsp paprika
– pepper to taste
– tiny pinch of salt
– You’ll also need a silicone mat or “silpat” to take them into the oven, or a nice baking paper.

1. The cheese. It’s very important to use a nice parmesan cheese, and that it’s not pre-grated or granulated because it melts differently. Choose a “Grana Padano” or “Parmigiano Reggiano” type if you can, but what’s most important is that it’s in a block. The next thing the we need to do is grate it. For this, we use the finest side of our grater or a microplane. Whatever you have left over, wrap it tightly in cling film so that it doesn’t dry out and then you can use it for you pastas and soups.
2. Mix, mix. Mix the grated cheese with the rest of the ingredients.

3. Stand up straight. Using a circular mould or cookie cutter, put about a tbsp of mix inside (depends on the size of your mould) and then remove the mould. This way we guarantee that they will hace the same size.

4. Into the oven. They go in at 180C for 5-10min. The key to know when they’re ready is to wait for them to stop bubbling wildly. This means that they have gone from melting to toasting and so the result will be really nice and crispy.
5. Let’s eat!

I hope you like it. Take a shot at it at home because it’s super easy. I served it to several friends with other appetizers and it was the first thing to go. If you like to cook, I invite you to check out my blog Cravings Journal and you can also find me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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