Paint for your Health

May 29, 2017 8:19 pm

We have all painted at some point, either in our primary works, in some mischief when we were kids, or in our notebooks while we are in some class or space at work. Painting is one of the most ancient and constant forms of expression.

Art allows us to express and to know ourselves better, in creating we can express things that are, sometimes, difficult to put into words. By doing this, we have a space to enjoy, feel and think about ourselves, something that we usually leave aside for the routine of day to day. That is why painting and expressing ourselves through art can be very therapeutic.

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For some time, in many bookstores and supermarkets we find coloring books FOR ADULTS (some of our favorites are those of Mandalas), something that a few years ago was difficult to find. Today, more and more people are encouraged to encourage this beneficial activity. What are the benefits? Here we leave you some

– Strengthen your safety, you will see your own creations and what you are able to do with colors or a little paint, it is always good to re-know our capabilities and enjoy our achievements.
– It improves your motor skills and stimulates the brain connections related to your fine motor. Not only is it good for children, it is also good for adults as it improves their motor skills (it’s never too late!).
– Improve your concentration, because in painting we concentrate on what we are developing. It allows us to connect with the here and now and relax. For a moment we put pauses to the worries, which allows us to have a respite and to be able to continue.
– It connects us with our emotions, by exploiting our creativity, we express with the painting emotions that we sometimes find difficult to put into words, relaxes us and allows us to experience more pleasant emotions such as calm and joy.

You can do it some time off at work.

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On any surface.

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When you travel

Ph. Cultivando Salud
And paint on what you like.

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And, do you dare to paint?

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