London Fashion Week Vibes

March 1, 2018 5:44 am


Whimsical, emotional, intelligent – the London Fashion Week was anything but boring. So many designers, and so much creativity floating around that gave us some truly incredible pieces that we can’t wait to tell you about. Are you looking to update your wardrobe with something modern, something interesting, and above all, something that screams high-class, clever style? Then let’s take a look at some of the highlights and how you can use the trends to rock your own outfits.

Sparkle, glitter, and gloss


From hair, to clothes, to shoes, it’s time to bring the bling out ladies! Delpozo, Preen, and Sophia Webster all seemed fans of this trend, and we’re loving the shimmer and light that are dancing before our eyes. You can keep it subtle and add a glittery hair accessory to an all-black outfit, or maybe find something a little more daring – a metallic cocktail dress to pair with some simple black pumps. Hair glitter was also present, so if you want all eyes on you, spritz some glitter, make an updo, and sparkle your way through the night! It also makes for an incredibly fun, trendy selfie, so here’s a tutorial on how to do your own glitter hair.  

Pixie cuts, braids, and masculine elements


Time to beat boys at their own game and get that pixie cut you’ve been dreaming about. All the models are currently rocking it on the runway, and you’re tired of long, heavy hair that has no volume, a sexy boyish cut could actually transform your face and make pretty much any outfit you wear infinitely more stylish. Afraid of chopping it all off? Then try a French braid! Tie some ribbons to it, curl it into a chic little chignon like at Roksanda runway, add a pearly bead or two. For women of colour, cornrows are always going to be iconic and fashionable, so we suggest you draw inspiration from Zendaya’s Burberry runway look.  Now, pair your look with some cool coat, something with blocky shoulders that has a masculine vibe to it. The trick is to pair both feminine and masculine elements, to mix up the visuals and create something unique.

Casual practicality


Rather than a ton of weirdly uncomfortable pieces that you can’t really imagine yourself wearing, London Fashion Week was actually very practical. From casual to downright sporty, we could see that people are really embracing the athleisure trend. Play No-download Casino what casino in las vegas allows rv reservations Slots online for free. If you want to wear it yourself, we suggest that you play around a bit and mix and match more casual things with something a little dressier. For example, you can go with a cute little black Ivy Park hoodie, a pair of skinny jeans and maybe add a glittery scrunchie band. Or, combine a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers with a sporty denim skirt and a colourful top.

Royal renaissance


Did you know that the Queen showed up? Hell yeah! With the upcoming royal wedding, the popularity of Netflix’s Reign, and Queen Elizabeth herself sitting in the front row, it’s clear that people are still really into the royal mania. Iconic looks from history are being recreated by designers like Ryan Lo. So, what are you waiting for? Tweed suits, delicate dresses, perfectly coiffed hair, and demure elegance are perfectly on trend and will make you look incredibly sophisticated.

Hair and glasses


We’ve all matched out shoes to our bags, but did you know you’re supposed to match your hair to your shades now? That’s right, especially if you’re having fun with pink or some other crazy hair colour. Grab a matching set of sunglasses and rock your coppery strands with some red aviators to look like a style queen.

This year fashion is all about creativity and self-expression. Take a look at the trends and enjoy them, now’s the time to play around and figure out your own way to be stylish and cool.

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