LIFWeek PV17-18| Michael Costello

October 26, 2017 1:15 pm

My three favourite reality TV shows ever? America’s Next Top Model, The Bachelor (don’t judge me) and OBVIOUSLY Project Runway. Yes, many talented designers emerged from this show, but I have two all-time faves. I truly obsessed with their work ever since I saw the first episode of their respective seasons and yes, you guess… one of them is Michael Costello!

Michael kept hearing during the show that he had to do more than just evening gowns, but I say if ain’t broke, why fix it. It appears the world agrees with me. This man has the most incredible talent to create piece that will take your breath away. The bridal collection that this american designer showed on last night runway is called “HAN’S GARDEN”, inspired by the New York Restaurant “Her Name is Hans” and resulting in a feminine juxtaposition of silhouettes , structure and colors. What is great about Costello is his love for the womanly curves, he is not afraid to dress the real woman, no matter her size or height (which is not very common to see in Hollywood). Who wouldn’t feel like the sexiest woman on earth wearing one of these dresses? Romantic, ethereal, sexy and sophisticated. If this collection doesn’t give you the chills and make you want to get married, nothing in this world will.

My favorite <3.

Ph. Santiago García Arrué

Died and went to heaven? I know the feeling. Dear Michael, can I give you a call when I’ve got a ring on this finger?  If so, help a sister out and let’s keep in touch (I am a sucker for mermaid silhouettes and I’ve got curves for days to fill the dress). Don’t be a stranger. Stay tuned for more runway reviews and all that this Lima Fashion Week has to offer.



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