LIFWeek AW 17| Naeem Kahn

April 27, 2017 9:01 am

I had already had the pleasure of seeing this designer’s work at NYFW, but seeing him in Perú just warms my heart. This runway show transported me to high school literature class, while reading Neruda and Borges. Naeem Kahn’s art is just that: poetry.

This show didn’t disappoint, he opened with gowns inspired in Halston (an american designer that revolutionized women fashion in the 70s) who was a great influence in Kahn when he had just arrived at the big apple. These dresses merged geometric shapes and a minimalist essence, very very Halston. After the show, he continued with a crescendo into the designer’s indian essence: colour and texture. Evidently India with its saris, different textiles, the Taj Mahal, typical silhouettes, history, natural flora and fauna can all be reflected into his creations.

To me, the ones that really stole the show were the floral printed gowns with glamorous sparkly, it looked as if precious stones had melted to create that texture….

… and of course the bright coloured dresses with fringe and a modern silhouette that generated movement and dynamism on the runway, which was very captivating.


Kahn closer the show with a wedding gown inspired in a traditional indian ceremony, and then stepped on the runway holding hand with the model that wore his masterpiece to receive the overwhelming applause.

Ph. Santiago García Arrué

An elegant, sophisticades and vibrant runway show. ¡Truly a hit! We will continue with more runway reviews of this LIFWeek’s edition, so stay tunes. Three more shows today!


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