It Shoes Trends According to Fashion Month

April 9, 2018 5:34 am

Photo by Cleo Vermij on Unsplash

As all lovers of fine fashion know well, life would be dull without fun shoes. Quirky, comfy, toasty, sporty, or fabulous, every pair tells their own story, and they complete your authentic look. However, no matter how much we love those timeless black pumps and earthy sandals for the beach, there comes a time (aka fashion month) to consider a few updates in your shoe cabinet.

After all, didn’t Marilyn Monroe once say: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”? Let’s see what this season has brought us and which among these will be your Cinderella pair to flaunt for the next few months!



When you think of accessories, you likely don’t think of adorning your shoes, right? Well, this fashion month was an avalanche of all types of add-ons for feet, which have turned out to be quite the rage even for your street-wear picks! Think: fringe, fur, frill, and glitz added to your original pair of shoes, and buckles that scream for attention, in addition to funky patterns such as plaid and polka dots.

For example, the Laurence and Chico collection was a bold mix of texture and color, and an excellent role model to think outside the box for your own look. Whether it’s with a little bit of fluff on your toes, or a few pearly drops for added glow, consider an extraordinary pair to update your look.


Photo by Jaclyn Moy on Unsplash

On the other end of this vast spectrum of diversity lies the timeless piece of footwear that is both casual and classy, and fits in seamlessly with pretty much any style – the famous ankle boot. Now that you can look for women’s shoes online, aim for pairs that come in a classic palette as well, such as camel leather, pure white or solid black.

These will be your number-one option for every single day, and yet they promise never to lose their allure. Salvatore Ferragamo’s booties are a sight for sore eyes, as he effortlessly manages to incorporate eccentric novelty into this classic beauty with the help of coloring.



As if we needed millennial pink to step in and save the day, this stunning shade is still going strong in every aspect of fashion, and footwear is no different. However, despite the pale pink craze we’ve seen in many collections, hot pink reigns supreme in the foot department.

Nothing can brighten up your day quite like a pair of sizzling hot pink sandals, the likes of which we’ve seen in daring Cushnie et Ochs combos. These delicious sandals are the equivalent of the cherry on top of your ensemble, and the best popping detail one could wish for!



If you were preparing to kick out those old Dr. Martens, think again. This will be a huge revival for all lovers of chunky, man-inspired choices, and just like there’s a rising trend of stealing our boyfriend’s lumberjack shirts, it’s time to dig into their shoe storage. Afin de mieux vous satisfaire et pour répondre à toutes vos attentes, la gamme d’articles de parapharmacie évolue chaque semaine.

The beauty of this season’s combat approach is that it also experienced a somewhat girly makeover. So, in addition to the massive shape and heavy soles, you have glitter, glow and various additions to give them a nice feminine touch!



We all know that the street style craze is only growing stronger ever since Rihanna’s latest collection hit the shelves, and it has no intention of fading away. Luckily for all you fitness lovers, brands are picking up on this trend and incorporating more interesting cuts, shapes, and shades into their offers. You can now easily find goofy, but sporty sneakers with fun prints, made from breathable materials, just the way your feet love it!

But functionality aside, which is their priority, clean and simple is not the only way to go anymore. Athletic minimalism on one end, futuristic geometry on the other, and colors to make your inner artist weep with joy – all perfectly personified in Balenciaga’s ‘90s-inspired collection, and now worn by the best and the brightest supermodels such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.


We’ve had a busy fashion month with a slew of designs that range from surprisingly delicate, to almost scary, yet each and every one of them enables you to put your best foot forward with more style than ever!

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