How to Start a Life by the Sea

June 29, 2022 4:41 am

Maybe you’re a lover of sailing and water sports, and maybe you just want to ditch the stress of the city and adopt a more relaxing lifestyle. No matter what your motivation for moving to the coast is, you won’t regret your decision. Mild weather, plenty of sun, daily outdoor activities—living by the sea will do wonders for your mental health. And you can even push it further and start a life at sea, sailing on your boat, enjoying the freedom and excitement of the boat life. But how do you leave your old life behind and move to the sea? 

Save some money

Before you start your new life, you need to save up some money to buy a coastal property or invest in a boat. Do some investigation on the real estate market in your area so you can prepare for the sale of your house. If you’re renting, you can rent a smaller property to save money and get used to living in smaller quarters (very important if you want to move to a houseboat or spend your days sailing around). 

Expect various expenses

On many occasions, living at the sea is cheaper than the city, especially if you choose a less popular location. However, it doesn’t come without its expenses. If you live on the boat, expect plenty of expenses when it comes to boat maintenance and fuel. Mooring your boat also costs money, so expect that expense as well. Different licenses and permissions are also necessary. All in all, you can’t expect to save significant money when moving to the coast.

Do some research

Where are you planning to move? Do you want to go somewhere tropical like the Caribbean or Oceania? Or maybe you want to aim for the Mediterranean. These two coastal areas offer many different opportunities for people. The first one focuses more on tourism and fishing trades, while the second one allows people to enjoy various corporate work opportunities while also living on the beach. If you look at lux apartments in Montenegro, you can end up with properties right next to the beach yet still in the city, providing you with all the urban commodities. For people who want to get the best of both worlds, Montenegro can be an amazing coastal destination. 

Consider your health

Living at sea or near the sea is amazing for the health. According to research, seawater and air are linked to various benefits for the respiratory and pulmonary systems. Additionally, cleaner air and less stress is great for your mental health and sleep patterns. All in all, expect various improvements to your health. However, if you have certain health issues and you often need quick access to a hospital, make sure to settle in a bigger coastal town or city so emergency care can reach you quickly and easily. 

Expect to relax

Don’t expect to feel reborn as soon as you step on the sand of your new local beach. Your brain will require an adjustment period until you settle down and find your routine, but once you do, you will realize that you’re much more relaxed than before. Life at the sea and on the coast is much more relaxed and slower than in the city. This new pace of life will get you to slow down, enjoy the ocean, meet new people and learn how to appreciate new things. 

Prepare for the cons

Living at the sea or by the sea sounds perfect, but it doesn’t come without its cons. These bad sides of such a lifestyle should be something you’ll have to live with. In the summer, you can expect a lot of tourists flocking to your town and a larger number of boats in your marina. The beach will be more crowded, prices will rise and parking won’t be easy to find. However, in the summer, you might be able to earn more money by renting your property or giving tourists boat rides around the area. Living by the sea offers so many good seasonal business opportunities. 

Wait for the post-tourist lull

Probably the biggest pro of living at the sea is the beach, but that’s often overtaken by the tourists in the peak season. However, in the off-season, early spring, late fall and winter, when the tourists are back at home, locals come out to play. This is the best time to enjoy all the beauties of the location. Beaches are free for everyone, bars have lowered their prices and you don’t have to make reservations in restaurants. You’ll have a lot of fun during this time and enjoy your new home. 

Ready to make the move? If you feel like you need a change of pace and want to adopt a new lifestyle, moving to the sea is the best thing you can do. No matter if you want to buy a property, rent a small place or enjoy the freedom of sailing, sea life will treat you well. 

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