How to Organize Your Day and Stick to It

October 16, 2019 7:27 am

Yes, we know that a large number of teenage girls and 20-something gals aren’t really the best when it comes to organization, and if you’re one of them, too – welcome to the club, you’re in the right place! Here are five useful tips on how to successfully organize your day and stick to it, so check them out and master the art of proper organization in no time!

Know exactly how much time you’ve got

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Before you start planning, you must know how much time you have available. This is crucial as it’ll allow you to plan every single activity to the tiniest detail. This is particularly important when you need to work around both regular activities, such as going to school or work, and scheduled ones, such as meetings, appointments, or events. Besides these, you should also factor in food and bathroom breaks, which often last between 15 and 30 minutes. Once you have all these in mind, it’ll be much easier for you to come up with a daily plan.

Organize your tasks into the available time

When you’ve figured out how much time you have on your hands, the next step is to come up with a to-do list and organize your tasks into the available time. So, once you know what you want to do outside your regular activities, all you need to do is to take a few minutes and organize what to do, when, and for how long. This is a crucial step towards planning your day. For example, if you’re spending around 8 hours in school or at work every day, it means that you’ll have at least 2.5 hours to complete other projects and accomplish your goals. This is a great way to put every single task and activity into perspective and manage to tackle them with ease.

Stay concentrated no matter what

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Needless to say, it’s much easier to get everything done and master every task when you’re focused, and that’s why you should do whatever you can to improve your concentration. The first thing you can do is to eat foods rich in magnesium. Did you know that magnesium is said to enhance your cognitive abilities and boost your brainpower? That’s right, so be sure to make it a legitimate part of your meals and eat foods such as avocados, nuts, legumes, and bananas that are packed with this mineral. However, if you can’t manage to eat these on a daily basis, you should buy the best magnesium supplement instead and incorporate it into your diet. That will do the trick as well.

Schedule time for your goals and projects

On the majority of days, you’re just getting things done, accomplishing task after task – especially when these are quite simple. Complex tasks, such as starting out your business especially if you are a new mom, are sometimes left for tomorrow or the next available day, right? However, there are other important things in life that won’t be done this week, so be sure to schedule time for mastering these, too. This goes for your goals and projects that take more time to be accomplished, so you should do something about them whenever you have some unscheduled time. If that’s a bit too chaotic for you, you should schedule them instead and put those 2.5 hours of unscheduled time to good use at least once a week.

Learn what to do when scheduled events overrun

Last but certainly not least, you should also figure out what to do when scheduled events overrun and threaten to mess up your entire daily plan. So, when an appointment or a meeting goes longer than expected, you can be the one who draws it to a close. This is a good way to stay on track with your plan. However, if you aren’t as assertive and you don’t really know how to do that, you can always re-think your plans for the day. This means that other tasks and activities will have to be either done later or left until a later date, so pick an approach that works best for you and you’ll do the right thing.

As you can see, organizing your day can sometimes take a lot of time and effort, but you know what? It’s totally worth it as you’ll learn to schedule time for both everyday activities and some special events such as appointments and meetings, which is exactly what matters most. All you have to do is to stick to our tips and you won’t make a mistake!

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