How to Incorporate Pantone’s Color of 2018 Into Your Outfits

January 23, 2018 8:30 am

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The previous year was all about greenery, much like all fashion and beauty trends that reflected an Earth-friendly attitude, embodied perfectly in the soft grassy green Pantone introduced as the color of 2017. This time, however, we’re venturing into a deeply innovative era, and 2018 will be all about limitless creativity, and in the words of Pantone, visionary thinking that points us towards the future. Player skill is a factor independent of the game itself, and is therefore difficult to quantify.

But this daring hue named Ultra Violet takes finesse to become your go-to wardrobe accent, let alone a predominant color of your outfits. Still, a vibrant, intoxicating shade such as this one deserves all the effort in the world – and let’s face it, it will be easier to mix and match than the quirky green of 2017! No wagering requirements on bonus spins winnings.

Purple Bauble Pops

Wearing the right jewels in this color spectrum can give a touch of mystery and brilliance to your outfit in no time. Tassel earrings are always a summer-friendly choice, while layered bracelets and delicate necklaces with purple pendants will be seen in the streets as well as the runways.

Want to try something even more subtle such as Ultra Violet makeup? Go for Ultra Violet fingernails or eyeshadow with a spark of glitter, and you’re good to go!

Colorful but Purple


Summer and spring cannot possibly go without wearing fluttery, light and colorful garments, so it’s no wonder that even these rainbow-colored pieces will be infused with Ultra Violet! In fact, no matter how many shades of red, orange, white or green you may find on your clothes, this purple will pop.

Look for versatile kaftans online in as many shades as your heart desires, mix and match them with open-toed sandals. You can also pick your favorite multi-colored tunics and jeans for colder evenings, flip-flops or even high heels for special occasions.

Color-blocking Florals

Boho is back, if it was ever gone, and this time more beautiful, rebellious and feminine than ever. That means that there will be a whole range of floral patterns just waiting to be mixed in with your existing florals – because who doesn’t own at least one floral dress in their ensemble?

Go for crisp white daisies on pure Ultra Violet, a leafy green climber with this purple queen of colors, or even a whole bouquet of different flowers.


One item to rule them all


Whether it’s a massive tote, an oversized, knitted sweater, leggings, or a pair of classy purple pants, you will have many opportunities to flaunt this shade in the office, at the gym, or for a casual stroll. Pastels work marvelously well with this vivid hue, so you can complement it with soft grey, military green, beige and even pure black.

Sporty chic

Streets are filled with the whispers of Fenty Puma by Rihanna and similar athleisure collections that will dominate trends in the following months. But one color that unites them all, whether they include bombers, high heels mixed with tracksuits, or they stick to the traditional grey hoodie, that will be our rebellious Ultra Violet. Knowing the difference in some of the metrics will help you pick the games that best fit your expectations.

Logoed tees, sweaters, hoodies, perfect fitness sneaks and all in between are the comfort food of this year’s favorite wear, so add some purple flair to that goodness, and you’ll surely be noticed wherever you go!

Violet Velvet is all the Rage


If there’s a single fabric that’s come out as this season’s absolute winner of both the catwalk and the street, it’s delicate, toasty velvet. This smooth, silky material has found its way into everything from head to toe, quite literally, giving you many fun footwear choices in velvet, but dresses, skirts, pants and shirts go hand in hand with this particular fabric, and violet can be your go-to color of choice when picking velvet items to enrich your style.

Violet Feet

Last, but certainly not the least powerful is the opportunity to wear your feet ultraviolet-style. Futuristic-looking ankle boots, in addition to the already beloved sneakers in this shade, as well as a whole range of color mixes where purple rules will let you put your best foot forward, in the color of future! Online casino won money school Psychologists struggle with an overload of paperwork, bonus game and some handsome cash prizes.

Greenery was the color of 2017  and it was mostly applicable to home decor and sometimes hard to apply to outfits. Feminine ultraviolet is an inspiring gift to fashion addicts and it has an enormous number of possibilities. The fee is charged according to the normal bank rates. It is up to you to find the one that fits you the most and to wake up your inner fashion goddess.


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