How to Decorate Your Home Office

November 28, 2022 6:17 am

Working from home is a blessing for many reasons. Firstly, you have a more flexible workday. Secondly, you can avoid nagging coworkers and bosses watching your every move. And thirdly, you can decorate your space however you want. If you want to have a home office that will make you happy to spend time working and make you proud every time someone steps inside, here are a few tips on how to decorate your work-from-home space: 

Function over anything else

In order to decorate your home office in a way that will make you productive and focused, it’s necessary to keep function in mind. Ask yourself how you like to work. Are you susceptible to any particular distractions? When do you feel the most productive? Focus on your needs before you start thinking about your wants. 

Paint it bold

Home offices are usually much smaller than living rooms or dining rooms, so you can get away with a bold and interesting color. You can create an immediate impact with paint and turn a dull room into a chic, modern, and elegant office. Dark green and navy are very popular today and they can spark your creativity, keep your focus and boost your productivity

Be creative with cables

Cables are an integral part of your home office. While there are many wireless options for devices and tech today, they are not as nearly as reliable as cables. However, boring cables running all over your home office can be quite ugly, unless you decide to incorporate them into your office design. If you rely on a LAN cable connection, make sure to grab cables in the colors of your office to make things more fun and coherent. LAN cables today come in all colors, which makes them easier to incorporate into your color scheme and keep things organized. You can also include cable covers in your setup to prevent trips. 

Add storage

An office that’s cluttered can be designed by the most sought-after designers and still look cheap and ugly. So the key to beautiful design lies in tidiness! Tidiness is best achieved with plenty of storage space that can hold all your work documents, gadgets, tech and stationery items. A custom-built shelf is perfect for all home offices because it can house everything you need during your day. You can make custom garages for your printer and copy machine, custom cabinets for documents and custom shelves for decoration and necessities you use all the time. 

Get artsy

In your home office, you have all the freedom to express yourself through the design. Don’t hesitate to stray away from conventional office décor like motivational posters—these are soooo tacky. Instead, opt for original canvases and creative poster collage walls filled with your interests. However, if you often go on Zoom video calls, make sure that there’s nothing someone can interpret as offensive showing behind you. 

Introduce lighting

Office work, no matter what industry you’re in, requires appropriate lighting. The best thing you can do for yourself and your work is to create a home office that’s exposed to a lot of natural light. If that’s not possible (which it often isn’t because many home offices don’t have windows), you’ll need plenty of artificial lighting. Luckily, modern lighting can be an amazing addition to your office design. A hanging pendant light over your desk can provide you with plenty of direct task lighting for filling out paperwork or drawing up your ideas. Some general lighting is self-explanatory, but if you want to add something extra to your office, consider accent lighting. This is an amazing way to highlight your artwork and add an extra layer of illumination to your office. 

Boost comfort

Unlike regular offices that are often cold and unfriendly, home offices can and should radiate warmth, comfort and coziness. After all, it’s much better to work when you have something soft to rest your feet on and something fuzzy to warm your back. Make sure to provide your home office floor with a nice rug that matches your aesthetic—this will allow comfortable work even when you’re not wearing slippers. Also, consider grabbing a nice pillow for back support and a throw blanket that you can use as a cape or leg warmer when it gets a bit chilly. 

Your home office will soon become the most beloved room in your home. With smart decorative ideas, you’ll not only create a space that’s beautiful and cozy, but also practical and effective. Expect to have many amazing career moments in your improved home office if you follow the tips above! 

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