How to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro?

September 4, 2017 8:10 am

Hello everyone! Hope you’re great! In this post I bring you some tips on how to apply lipstick like a pro in 5 easy steps. 


First we need to exfoliate the lips to remove the dry, dead skin and then, moisturize them. You can exfoliate them with a mixture of sugar (white or blonde) and coconut or olive oil, stir till it forms a paste. You do not need much quantity. Apply the mixture on the lips in a circular way. After a minute, wipe off the paste with a damp cloth. When finished, moisturize them with a cream or lip balm.



Then, use a lip pencil to line and filling in the lips.  I recommend to use a waterproof lip pencil because it will last more time. Start by applying the lip pencil in the “bow of cupid” (the heart of the upper part of the lips), then continue with the sides, (commissure of the lips). This will help you as a guide.

Tip: The lip pencil color must be equal to the lipstick you’re going to apply o equal to your lip tone. Remember that you’re using the lip pencil to give shape and to make the lipstick last longer.


Now fill the lips with the same lip pencil. Try not to leave anything “blank”.

Tip:  If you outline, you can apply some concealer on the spot and give soft touches with your fingertips. That will cover the spot.


Then apply the lipstick with a flat brush of synthetic hair, taking care not to leave the outline you did. Apply to the edges. Apply a lipstick that is waterproof for longer duration.



Finally, for longer duration, press the lips on a tissue, apply a thin layer of translucent powders and reapply the lipstick with the brush. That’s all! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram!



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