How to Accessorize Like a Supermodel

June 6, 2017 5:32 am

The world has been obsessed with supermodels for decades now. However, during the final decades of the previous century, we were only allowed glimpses of their beauty when they strutted down the runway, blessed the covers of fashion magazines or posed in Duran Duran and George Michael’s videos. Times sure have changed, and the Digital Age has given rise to a new breed of supermodels who are highly present on social media, sharing their off-duty looks for the whole world to see. This, in turn, has given us an incredible insight on how they dress, what accessories they rock, and when models wear something, well, it receives the ultimate ‘it’ stamp of approval – no one has more inside scoop on what is hot than the girls working alongside designers. So, let us take a peek into the abundance of accessories, and snag some secrets for ourselves.

All about that bag, ‘bout that bag


A great bag can elevate even the most casual of outfits, and an it-girls like Kendall Jenner sure knows how to use them to her advantage. The model seems to prefer Balenciaga, but the black Givenchy Lucrezia Bag is the perfect bag to copy. The black makes it highly combinable with every outfit, its solid form brings an air of sophistication, and it is big enough to fit all your necessities; it is the perfect combination of practical and stylish. The following are the mail order pharmacies currently in the United States. If you wish to copy their look without breaking the bank, there are always more wallet-friendly, yet equally luxurious options like the amazing Avery Verse bags. With a bag like this on your arm, you are definitely good to go and channel your inner supermodel. More elegant affairs definitely call for a clutch, so take a cue from Jenner, and go hunting for a round silver clutch that is bound to turn heads and complete your evening look.

Blast from the past


When they are not covered in diamonds on red carpets, the go-to jewelry for the off-duty look mainly revolves around the much-beloved ‘90s trend – the choker. Bella Hadid is a huge fan of the choker, whether it comes in leather or gold form, dressed up or simply bringing a bit of edge to her current athleisure signature style. Sometimes it travels alone, while other times it is complemented by long necklaces for a more luscious look. We simply love this trend, and chokers are very easy to find, so waste no time before you upgrade your jewelry box.

Killer eyewear


You might not be shielding yourself from paparazzi, but with the right eyewear, you are sure to feel like a superstar. One of the best choices of eyewear we have seen this season are the gold framed sunglasses with red detail and green lenses. An inevitable accessory in your wardrobe! They are just edgy enough to give you that touch of drama, yet not too edgy to not be wearable on daily basis. However, nobody does eyewear better than Gigi, who went as far as to design her own line of amazing eyewear. The goal, as she says was to design a comfortable, stylish, and high-quality frame that would be accessible to everyone, and it is safe to say, she nailed it, so make sure you snag a pair and rock the streets like a Hadid.

The mighty shoes


In an attempt to find out which accessories are hot and which are not, we took a peek inside the Hadids’ Closet. On the shoe front, the Hadid sisters are telling us that the nude and naked shoe still hold reign. A nude ankle boot is a perfect addition to mom jeans and a simple white tee, as it elevates the casual look and breathes high-fashion into it. To take things further, you can go the naked route, naked boot route, that is, as seen on Gigi. You can make it sporty or super elegant and vamp, if you pair it up with a black leather wrap dress, so get out and get your vamp on.

Now you too have the inside scoop, so take notes and bring them along as your inspirational cheat-sheet list. It is time to unleash the supermodel from within.


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