Every Moment Matters

August 21, 2017 7:13 pm

I just came back from meeting four lovelies that gave me an interview for their communications high school course. After the meeting on saturday and an amazing interview today I can say these are some of the most incredible moments I never thought I would experience. Life is passing by so fast and we don’t even realize it (dude we are in august, where did the year go?).

Moments are meant to be treasured, such as watching an amazing Game of Thrones episode with friends yesterday, or this morning when my mom hugged me and said she was proud of me, or a moment ago when feeling my girlies’ love saying they identified with me or just now that my dog is staring at me with puppy eyes because he wants me to take him out for a walk. I treasure these moments, what I felt at that instant, what I saw, smelled, touched. That is why my recommendation for today is… ¡do not forget that every moment matters! Every moment has something special and, even though your eyes are set on your goals and what the future brings, always be sure to enjoy the present.

This is the handbag that inspired today’s reflexion. It¡s a brand I recently discovered MELIE BIANCO and is perfect for all animal lovers out there; vegan leather! Totally eco-friendly and animal friendly. Isn’t it a beauty?


Ph. Santiago García Arrué

Top SWEET BELL via Guardiana Boutique
Skirt ZARA
Booties ALANIA

You have been warned, my babies. Live today and enjoy every single minute of it. Think about what made your day special and made you happy, that way if something gets you blue, it will go away. I love you so so much, until the next post!


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