Don’t Overthink It

April 19, 2017 12:42 pm

We all have those moments when we are in a position of making important decisions, which is good because it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The thing is… when you have already made a decision and compared all the pros and cons, to keep questioning yourself again and again seems completely unnecessary to me. You have taken that decision for a reason, that is why you chose A instead of B, stop beating yourself (and other people that that decision involves) about it. We are human, we are not perfect and are always on the possibility of something better to come, but don’t let fear or insecurity get the best of you. Do not pass an oportunity you have now only for the little probability of something better lately. Consider it, of course. But weigh the advantages and disadvantages beforehand, life is very unpredictable and we cannot control everything. Stick to your gut, you mind and keep true to your heart #YesIJustQuotedMulan (as corny as it sounds, it’s true).

I’m just in one of those moments when I have to make an important decision (moments in which I realize I am growing up), but we all have to make them in different moments of our life. Do I study languages or science? Do I brake up with my boyfriend? (not breaking up with Jaime, it’s just an example hehe) Do I choose this job or that one? All our life will involve these important decisions, every day we do. If you have decided something, do not regret if for everything happens for a reason, embrace it and make the best of it. If it was wrong, you shall learn. If it was right, celebrate it. Do not let fear of something that might or might not happen keep you from choosing what you truly want or you will forever regret it.

Ph. Santiago García Arrué

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I leave you with these reflexions and today’s look, that I gotta run to an event. I love you guys and I hope that my advice will be some good :)


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