Adventure Is Out There

August 24, 2017 9:49 pm

Ca-cah ca-cah RAAAAARhas someone else watched UP lately or is it just me? I might not be a 10 year old kid longing to earn my help-the-ederly badge, but I’m ready for any adventure that is ready to present. Yes, even float around in a flying house with balloons.

I am actually about to leave off with Jaime to a week-end adventure. That’s right, it’s nice to unplug and snap out of the routine. Let’s see what this romantic getaway brings. First, we are off to Ica (to the south) and then we are visiting Finca Maria Luisa. It’s been a while since Jaime and I spent some quality time alone since we have been so immersed in work, so let’s spark up the romance and create some lovely memories. Ive heard a lot about this place, so I will be telling you more about it soon, maybe with a VLOG. Let me know if that is something that would interest you. Well, gotta run. The highway and Jaime awaits. Now I leave you with my latest look.


Ph. Santiago García Arrué

Top SWEET BELL via Guardiana Boutique
Vest GAM via Estilozas Store

Have an amazing week-end, you guys!


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