5 Fun Ways To Make Murals With Your Photos

August 21, 2017 8:20 am

Hello!! The other day I was feeling a little nostalgic so I started to review past photos. Although this days we can have all our photos on digital platforms as facebook is always cute print and have some physical memories of those importante moments. Also, what better if we can also use them as a way to decorate our rooms. So here are 5 ideas that can help you organize your pictures and photos.


The idea for this type of mural is to take your photos and cover the entire surface of the wall in your room, the idea for this type of mural is to not leave spaces between the photos and make this work as a great wallpaper made by the moments that you want to preserve. The photos can be aligned forming a grid or in disorder as well as color or black and white, that will depend on the atmosphere that you want to create :)


Ph. Inspirahogar 


In this type of mural you have to do the opposite of the previous one, you have tu  play with the emptiness of the wall and in the places you want to fill in you put the photos  that you want to show composing different forms, they can be geometric, irregular, even forms established like hearts or even forming a Map if your thing  is the adventure.

Ph. Inspirahogar & Eslamoda

A fun option is to take advantage of the corners to give the mural more dimension as is the case of the heart and also use external elements such wool to help us complement the idea we want to do, for example in the case of the map helps us or forms the basis of it and then put  the memories of our trips or photos of places we want to know.


Ph. Homedit 




This idea is particularly one of my favorites, its super original and can give your room a lot of character and a nice vibe, the idea is to put on our wall a kind of clothes line and take the hooks that we would used to hold it to grab our Photos, can be arranged in timelines or randomly.

Ph. Emmmestudio

Ph. Inspirahogar

If you want you can print your photos like the Polaroid ones and add a vintage touch to your mural.

Ph. Pinterest



For the traditional ones a classic way of showing our photos is putting pictures on our wall, however there are several ways in which we can accommodate them achieving different compositions that will help us give a more original and different touch

Ph. Five Heart Home 


We can, for example, organize the photos in an orthogonal way, choosing photos of the same shape and size or combining different sizes, in the photo below you can see that the larger pictures are in the center and are surrounded by small ones at the top and the medium ones to the right side forming a composition a little less symmetrical.

Ph. Hogarmania 

We can also play not only with the sizes but with the shapes and colors, and even combine photos with phrases or things that we like!

Ph. Pinterest 


Well .. technically speaking this is not a mural (cause is not stuck or hung directly on the wall) but I think this is a super nice to accommodate photos so I’m sure you will thank me  later :), This last idea is to use shelves, which do not have to have much depth only the necessary one to support a frame and then lay them against the wall

Ph. Alquimia Deco  

Ph. Olaimar Decor

Ph. Pinterest

… well that’s it for now !! I hope you liked it!! If there is something about you would like to read or do write it in the comments !! byeee!



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